RBI Governor 2024

In the history of RBI , the Governor tenure was extended once account of total to 5 Years and 250 to 350 days, with the new Government of India formation for the year 2024-2029 the new RBI Governor appointment month is near by the end of the year 2024 in weeks of Nov end to Dec 2nd week before 12-12-24. I think observed names can be possible governor we can see in next year 2025 or just before it.

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Aug 24 23 | For the first time this eyes saw inside Supreme Court of India and Court Session arugments recorded.

Looks like Supreme court of India started broad casting live court sessions. And I today noticed and watched for the first time how supreme court looks like and how court layers gather and argue the case before supreme court bench.

2023 07 30 | Trade Skill

what is a Trade Skill? How much skill can be considered as a perfect one Trade skill and how to calculate the cost of composenation only interms of Currency exchange!! - Rohit Gade.

Jul 11 23 | Signals, when a customer is look for a new product in a market segment or in that product category.


Jul 10 23 | Open Spaces in Modren Environment for Educated working beings

From Island office of a London’s Post Office in 1872, to the Western world renowned universities open space to educate and work towards a goal or task it surely changed the way of classical enclosed work space or work station for normal person right form their education level to Big bit companies recreating cities for innovative and imaginative talent force . And creating work environments to create and make something from FastCompany’s article on Google Garage and people like Mamie Rheingold helping them to create it.

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Jun 23 23 | ISA 95, EA, MES and Tulip Experience Center

EA according to Alex Sgilis is a “conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of organizations”. a custom or enterprise specific architecture can be developed with keeping in reference with PERA(Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture - By Williams, Theodore J) for a computer integrated manufacturing. MES (Manufacturing execution systems) a computerized system for monitoring the process of work operation done by a human or robots converting the raw materials and/or individual components assembling into a finished product.

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Jun 21 23 | Michael J Skok's talk on turning a product into compaines.

Michael Skok’s gave a presentation on Startup Secrets: Turning Products into Companies. With speakers Gregg Favalora inventor of 3-D display(Actuality Systems) speaking about his journey from initial product development to selling intellectual property. ending with J McEleney speaking his sales experiences in Solidworks on CAD software ,price war with AutoCAD. And off course Michael Skok’s talk about his experience about product development and its phases well known for this involvements in Open Source company Acquia and security company Symantec.

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