Jun 11 23 | Prior Art

Prior Art according to the Wikipedia.org is a concept in Law dealing with Patents used to determine the patentability of an invention. prior art search like novelty, validity search is done after patent issues for patent infringement search by owner of a patent, clearance search is also another type of patent search. Espacenet.com, patentscope by wipo , google patents -@rohitreddygade

Jun 10 23 | Former United States of America's President Trump Indictment

The President who appointed Three Associate Supreme Count Judge is now indictment twice. lets see if the former president will challenge his cases in Supreme count in the future, how the mass media and press will cover it judgement the Judicial system. Only to be the first President to get criminal charges in the United states.

Jun 08 23 | Instructing like in ancient 600BC Greece city near a Old place.

Stood informally on the steps of on an ancient place like a Agora. which is size Multi Football fields, siting at the center of regional with market, a place for Scholars, educators, artists, businessman, decisions, and common person..! Instructed or more like discussed on various topics like money, ideology , politics, multi national immigration complex with all expressions and emotions for around 180 minutes. Just to say there were no pupil physical present to listen.

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Jun 04 23 | Good News..... Jun 4th Know..

After ~90 good news…………………. -@rohitreddygade