Dec 31 22

Day went by waking up like almost 12PM mid day. Went to buffet only to spend like 11$, I do this every last day of the month like outside food for the next month!! Then directly went to work from there, Worked like 10PM realized I didn’t had bus coming in time had to spend another 15$ or so for the cab ride (lyft). Other thoughts. I got a thought of have a visualization board containing a Virtual map of All the customers address mapped where they are used for fast access details of the customer’s contact and for support outreach and info about their server , its status and servers,downs.

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Dec 29 22

The day started with waking up a little late and heading to work. There are some of the random thouhgts that I got when, I was doing my work! The Idea of finding local commerical conveyors (example: Middleby Marshall) and its maintaines partners, Understand and read to find potential buyers in that space.!! Question on my head , how do you handle manager’s team when you are head of managers with your desitions and four sights.

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Dec 30 22

My github codespaces didn’t work properly to update my blog! But nothing much import thoughts to write must imporve on that. Creating codespaces in local dev container, on its way. And See you tommrow