About Me!

I am an artist by trade by writing a peace of art in 1’s and 0’s with the help of English like text with well defined structures, To create complex computer features and its way of sharing their literature in medium of light and waves thought out the world. And Did I mention that I have two Degress in Sciences both in Computer science and Minor Degree in Management for two totaly different type of Globla Universities.

I am Software Engineer!

People with ‘Rohit Gade’ in their name:

I am an enthusiast of learning different kind of things like Business Marketing/Sales, Management, Stock Trading , Cooking and Exploring local city ;)


New Update!!

Introduced, Micro-blog’s Live Radio using an addon from TuneIn,Thinging of learning to Start Paining.

Now you can read my posts in micro-blog as well As I am trying to post there as well with [RS(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS).

New Update !!

Added Netlify’s CMS to the micro-blog, which give me a huge advantage to post anywhere without having to use any computer system on the go using mobile phone without any rendering commanding and setup!!

Random Thoughts About Sales and Management?

Scaling in terms of Economics

Observing Scaling in terms of Economis is when doing things as effecntly as possbile… to drive cost down which increase profits and reduses unnessery speding of resources…It might be cost of a product ( For creating,mainiting,or dervining a new one from existing ones.)… More Foraml way to put it..


Maintiaing tight marings regardless of the volume of the product and might adjust based on the product change but should stick to the main point. Inspriation for a physically mainting comic book store called Ssalefish comics 2 and may be more comming? Considering the avalablitly of comic books as product and its complextiy,and why not a digital store only?

Submarine’s Efficiency

The thought of effectively utilizing resources at its disposal when under critical or in a closely bounded environment like a submarine under deep oceans with the technologies of ability to run for 10 years without any refueling (nuclear-powered) then the limitation of running it will be different. Wondering how it can apply to management style while utilizing resources when your core can function for unlimited duration (with limitations and contestants).

Effective utilization of Resources? – Learn form Submarine’s!!

More coming……